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While we hope you’ll find it easy to use, we’ve compiled a list of some frequently asked questions.

You are able to go online & print the pages out. If you don’t own a printer the images are still able to be scanned though computer screens, televisions, etc.
Tagme3D is a ground breaking educational app that makes learning English both simple and exciting. There are 4 books; book 1 has 100 words & 11 different categories while books 2-4 have 100 words & 5 different categories each.
This book is the first of its kind by having a patent & the latest augmented reality technology. It is like no other. The images are scanned to show 3D images and can be moved 360 degrees while also being zoomed in & out. You can also scan one or multiple images at a time & double tap images to see its spelling.
Augmented reality (AR) is a direct view of real world elements that are created by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video & graphics.
The books can be purchased directly from our website. The app can be downloaded off iTunes, Google Play, and Samsung apps.
The time of delivery will depend on where the product is being shipped. Shipping times may vary. Check UPS website for shipping times & rates: https://wwwapps.ups.com/ctc/request?loc=en_us.
The application features the voice of a woman with an American accent, but has the ability to record and save your own voice.
There is a one month warranty on this product.
It is recommended that you use both the book and app together. The book costs $29.99 however you can download and print all the pages of the book on our website. You can download the app which has a free trial that allows you scan the first few pages. For the full book there is an in-app purchase that costs simply $4.99.
Yes! If you download the app you can scan the few pages of the book for free!
The product is to be returned within 3 days in the same condition it was purchased.

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Some questions just can't be cleared up on the forum or in FAQ items etc. If you could not find a satisfying answer in any of the information resources, please contact our Tagme3D support team.