Episode 1: Magic Cupcake Maker

It’s a delightful story of LuLu and LaLa making cupcakes! Enjoy this wonderful adventure in full 3D animation. Watch and learn as LuLu prepares ingredients and, using her magic cupcake maker, bakes cupcakes for her younger sister LaLa.

Price: Book $29.99 | App $4.99 (On Sale $1.99)

Episode 2: Christmas Eve

LuLu and LaLa get ready for Christmas while waiting for Santa Claus. To prepare, they decorate their Christmas tree, write a Christmas list, and hang stockings above their chimney in hopes of receiving a Christmas present from Santa. Will Santa bring Lulu and Lala a present?

Price: Book $29.99 | App $4.99 (On Sale $1.99)

Episode 3: Water Park

Coming Soon